Posted by: Yvonne Meek | June 10, 2015

Live Music: Jeremy Siskind and The Housewarming Project at the Old Siskiyou Barn

Looking forward to hosting this group on Friday evening at The Lark & Sparrow Venue in Montrose, CO.

The International Review of Music

By Don Heckman

Ashland, Oregon. I expected another memorable musical experience Saturday night when I looked at my schedule. And with good reason. For the past few weeks, I’ve heard and enjoyed a series of compelling evenings of music in concerts produced by the Siskiyou Music Project.

Saturday’s performance by Jeremy Siskind and the Housewarming Project – another musical group well-chosen by the SMP’s Artistic Director Ed Dunsavage — was no exception. It reached, in fact, beyond music, into a transformative event in which the players, the music and the location blended into an intimate togetherness, drawing its listeners into a kind of complete experiential participation.

The location was to me, as an Ashland newcomer, utterly gripping. It’s called the Old Siskiyou Barn. And that’s exactly what it once was.

The Old Siskiyou Barn

But now, despite its location in the woodsy mountain area south of Ashland, it has…

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