Posted by: Yvonne Meek | December 30, 2014

Should I Blog Today?

Should I blog today?  I am feeling the weight of the world …

I am so overwhelmed/outraged/heartbroken by the atrocities that ISIS/ISIL and Islamic/Muslim factions are doing in the middle east and across Europe and Africa … specifically to women, children, ethnically diverse communities, and Christians.

I am acutely aware of the threat against my beloved Israel and Jewish people all over the world. I will always stand with Israel and pray for her peace.

Having lived just outside of Los Angeles and southern California until I was about 30 years old I have also experienced first-hand gang violence and the civil unrest erupting from racial divides.

Ethnically, I am American, first, and Mexican, indigenous Indian, and Irish, second. I grew up in mixed race communities of Hispanics, Blacks, and Whites,  … communities which are now primarily Asian.  I grew up eating ‘meat and potatoes’ and Japanese food.

I am an outspoken ‘feminist’ in the dictionary definition of the term so I don’t hate men.  And I am a radically saved, born-again, egalitarian Jesus-freak, firmly convinced that my equal value as a woman is rooted in the biblical accounts of Genesis and the life and death of my Saviour Jesus.

I do not believe that my gender is solely responsible for the fall of ‘man’kind … but that God created female and male equally in His image and charged US with the responsibility of stewardship over His creation. I believe that both male and female sinned … together … causing the judgement we lived under until the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

I believe that Jesus resurrection covered ALL sin; Adam & Eve’s sin, Hitler’s sin, my sin, your sin, past, present, and future. BUT, I also believe that each individual is free to chose to follow Jesus accepting His atoning work and turning from a life that intentionally dishonors His sacrificial death. I do not believe that salvation comes without a cost to any of us … and that cost requires that we turn from our old life and sins and walk in the newness of re-birth, following Jesus commands by first loving Him and being as much like Him as we possibly can. I do not believe that all roads lead to God … but that eternal salvation comes only through Jesus.

I do not believe that any man or other created being or ideology has the right over my life, my body, or my soul for that is fully in God’s hand … I will submit only to Him.

I love the country I was born in … that my parents were born in … that their parents and grandparents immigrated to! I love the freedoms and rights that were established at the founding of this great and imperfect nation and that my ancestors and relatives fought for. I believe those ideals were meant for all peoples who would be born or immigrate here … who would want for the same opportunities and liberty. I am disheartened to see those ideals being stripped away by a president who has lied to us and no regard for the constitution.

I am a dreamer, a capitalist, an entrepreneur, and a giver. I am angered by people with a socialist/communist agenda who are ungrateful for this great and imperfect country. I am angered by people who are greedy for what others have, demanding that what they aren’t willing to work for be shared by those who have worked.

I am feeling the weight of the world today … and I fear for the future of this country … and for our freedoms … and for my children. I don’t even know if it’s possible to change the path we are on anymore. I don’t trust our government. I don’t trust the church today. I don’t trust the UN or any person, denomination, or country who turns its back on Israel.

What I do know is … Jesus! I believe in the warnings of the old testament, the warnings and promises of Jesus in the new testament, and the prophecy of Revelation. The bible says that there will be a judgment … that light will expose the darkness … and that I have an eternal hope. In my uneasiness, I am clinging to that hope.

Meanwhile, I will do the best that I can, help when I can, take care of my own, try to build my beautiful dream here on earth, use my life and resources to honor Jesus. Whether we agree or not, I know that path I am on and you are welcome to walk alongside but I’m not here to argue.

This is my gift of love for you … truth! Truth must win … truth is love … we don’t get to make it up or pick and chose only the parts we like. We get to dig deep … for it is a buried treasure. Often it is painful to face. But it is eternal.

My heart hurts today over the state of the world. And in my ‘little girl, hope you like me’ weakness, I’m fearful of pushing you away, so I’m reluctant to share my heart.  But the truth is … the only truth is Jesus!



  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog, and, reading this, I can see we have a lot in common. God bless.

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