Posted by: Yvonne Meek | October 28, 2011

pathway to a fulfilled life … ???

those of you who really know me … know i rarely ask for help!

i’ve always held a strong conviction to feel a sense of pride in accomplishing whatever anyone asks me to do.  unfortunately, i set aside my goals/ideas/projects as soon as someone wrangles me into theirs.   admittedly, i am a people pleaser and say “yes” too often … which i’m working on to overcome.  but that’s not the problem right now.

though, i do have a good part-time job with wonderful people right now … i think they all know i would be happier in work that is more suited to who i really am.

i need full-time paying employment!

… within the music/arts industry … administrative, event/venue focused, promoting, organizing, performing, etc. … recording studio, performing arts venue, etc.

i need to move to a larger community!

… preferably, near a coastline … extremely supportive of music/arts … with more opportunities to perform and more musicians to be challenged by, as well.

i need to be a performing songwriter again!

… musicians and gigs have dried up for me where i am living and i simply cannot live that way … my soul aches.

i cannot volunteer or work for free anymore!

people are always asking me for help with various situations/organizations, etc.  i’ve compiled a killer list of media contacts, i enjoy designing ads, posters, flyers, newsletters, press releases and helping people find funding sources or write grants, etc., and i’m a pretty good singer/musician but few want to pay for my services.  many non-profits where i live ask me to perform for free for their fund-raisers or help with their marketing/promotions and contrary to what some might think, i have and often do!   though i am sooo tempted to continue to say “yes” to prove myself to you or ‘hope’ you just might pay me for my services … i can’t afford to do it.  i am not independently wealthy but rather am deep in debt and i simply don’t earn enough to get out of the situation.  not only do i have personal unsecured debt and business debt, i am very close to losing my home, my car, my reputation and … my hope.

 i don’t want a hand-out … i don’t want to file for bankruptcy … i don’t want to government to give me anything, either!

… i want to work and enjoy my work … to be appreciated for my work ethic … to be respected for my vision and contribution … i want to stop picking the wrong jobs and/or wrong people to work for.

i want to bring joy, peace, harmony and unity to people!

maybe i’m dillusional but i want people to be happy to see me or hear from me … whey they see me coming … when they hear my voice … when they work with me.  i don’t want to be a bummer but a bright spot in their day or someone who adds value to their life.

so i need your help!

… there MUST be something for me out there … some place that i belong … with people who appreciate me and don’t want to use or abuse me … i just can’t do it anymore.

i am certain that GOD created me for a purpose!

… beyond being a wife and mother (don’t even go there)!  as a child, i believed that purpose was music … so i have to find that purpose again.  i don’t want your job … i want the one for which i was created.

if you know of something!

… visit my online profile at or or or to see what i’ve been up to for 30 years

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