Posted by: Yvonne Meek | July 20, 2011

just thinking…is anyone listening?

it’s been a year since i dared to give my opinion about competing festivals and the music scene in Montrose. a lot has happened in this community on all fronts and i’ve been too busy making stuff happen that i neglected to add my voice to the mix. i’m adding now …

last fall, September 2010, i began hosting ‘house’ concerts under the moniker Skylark Concerts. i partnered with Cobble Creek Clubhouse to host monthly concerts featuring local and regional Colorado musicians. most concerts did pretty well averaging 35 in attendance. the vision was and is to create a living room setting in a public venue, inviting an audience to pay $10-15 per person to listen to a live performance by a group of talented people. the group received 80% of the door revenue with 20% going to pay advertising, venue and administrative costs. a few times we covered our expenses and made the musicians VERY happy, other times the musicians made more than they would’ve at any other local venue but i lost money, though i did enjoy a fantastic evening of live music.

in june 2011, i partnered with the Montrose Pavilion to present an outdoor series in the often unused courtyard, we hosted two evenings averaging 30 people asking guests to pay $15 per person with 70% going to musicians and 30% to administrative costs, etc.  the first concert was well attended but unfortunately the second was not … again we decided to cut our losses. the premise was and is the same as with the other series … pay the musicians fairly … a novel idea.

in the last few years it seems that Montrose has seen a decrease in venues and an increase in musicians … that is not a good equation for any of us. there are fewer gigs and more people vying for the same jobs. the economy sucks …

during this time, i’ve taken on few ‘real’ jobs and tried my hand at writing/publishing a regional music magazine … (my business associate PJ Fagen did the website design) but it sure feels as if no one is listening.  i’m planning to celebrate women in music from the western slope at the first Uncompahgre Valley Muses Festival, or

to be honest, i’m weary, i’ve lived in Montrose since 1996, moving here from Maher/Crawford, Co when my daughter was six months old. for many years, i stuck with church music and didn’t perform publically, until about eight years ago when i decided to return to performing. i’d met David Starr and began playing keys and singing in his band, then after a few years broke out on my own performing in around Montrose. i penned and recorded my first solo CD in Nashville with producer Lorna Flowers. it’s pretty good if you ask me. i’ve competed, placed and judged at the Colgate Country Showdown in Grand Junction, Montrose, and Olathe and will again judge the Texaco Country Showdown in Montrose this Saturday night (tho i very well could compete, i haven’t lost a thing cept maybe my courage).

i’ve played with many of the local musicians but still have not found my tribe … my niche … i can sing just about anything but i’m probably sound my best at jazz and ballads.  truth is … i want to fit somewhere.

is anybody listening … ??

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