Posted by: Yvonne Meek | March 25, 2010

Hello world!

for months i’ve been talking about … blogging! well, i’m finally jumping in …

got lots to talk about for one whose tried to keep my opinions to myself for far too long … i’m involved in lots of stuff in my community and my city. i think many people underestimate me because i’ve tried so hard to fit in and be liked. but i do have an opinion and a backbone so if you don’t really want to know … don’t ask!

my ‘h’ says i should write a book … well, i’ve had many experiences in my lifetime that i could definitely write about. i do my best to keep few secrets about many mistakes, too … simply because i don’t want anyone to have anything on me that i haven’t made public myself …

so in future blogs … i will be dispensing educated opinions on what i believe about what i see going on around me … music, marriage, divorce, children, teens, musicians, church and ministry, equality, freedom, politics, gender issues, the go0d old boys club, what women really think, mid-life crisis, City of Montrose, Montrose ACT, Montrose Daily Press, V-Day, the Vagina Monologues, feminism, sexism, egalitarianism, Calvary Chapel, cults, theology … and the list goes on

hope you’re listening …

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